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Reviews for "William and Sly"

that game touch my heart it's a awesome one but final boss is soo hard can make then i little slow

Epic game. There are a few glitches, as when you go into the holes you can still see particles of your Sly. The boss was hard, but after a few tries I got the pattern. I also conquered the second game quite a while ago, and they're both very fun and deserve every good critic given. I'm hoping for a third game!

Kajenx responds:

That seems to be Newgrounds specific. I think it's caused by the hardware acceleration... Hard to say though. Flash just likes to break randomly sometimes.

my life grown from this -_-

i didnt entirely understand what to do....i kept aimelessly catching fireflies and activating the runestones...but it was so vast that in no time i had no idea what i was doing.....i loved the ur pixely-way of making games though....any help as to what i actually had to do instead of making sly jump around?

Kajenx responds:

Light up all the runestones is it, basically, haha. Most people who like the game are completionists who try to find all the mushrooms.

The art and the art just takes over me!!! Keep it up! Hope you make a third game soon!