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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"

Truly crazy

"I cannot longer just watch"
"I'm not selling you anything unless you have enough money"
Hope Crazy Dave become president!

Super !!!

I am looking forward to see more of smt like that ! Its great :)

very funny

i loved it
(chocolate dave) Ha Ha Ha

Fantastic Voice Acting Tallent

There is not a single sound effect in this that was nod made by someone talking. All of the voice actors who helped made this were all very talented. It also gives all of those artists a chance to test out their flash skills, which I think that they all looked great. Crazy Dave is a fantastic and funny character that came out of all this. Congratulations guys!! And I too hope that you get a spot on the front page for this.


heh, voice noises for menu, great animation. funny as hell. "i'll give you 2 nickles"