Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


but I like it when he rolls in the beef!
lmao! :P


ohh, but i like it when he roll's around in the beef *rub rub* XD *roll roll roll" lol great job all kinda wierd idea but you guys did a pretty good job of it

Dave huh?

beside of its great animations..
the voices of the organizers wasa used as music...
what a creative and unique idea...
i'll give you 10/10...
but 3/5 because it was not funny...

I knew it..

I wasn't the only meatwad!!!!

Dude the ending

I was really enjoying it, but then at the end.... I spontaneously combusted.
Besides that though it was cool. Hopefully there's more crazydave to come :P
Just careful with the strobe lighting man. That shit hurt >.<