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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"

in my opinion, this was a low effort collaboration, and is nothing new, interesting, or exciting.

lol wish I could be that crazy dave is living life to the fullest and doesnt care what anyone thinks he is awesome lol even if people hate him he dont care he is crazy super batman al capone pico, that other famous dude, and a whole lot of other peeps lol, keep on being crazy mr crazy dave lol. Maybe he travels through other dimensions simaltaneaously and he really is all those people he claims to be lol. Nice voice work though I think that was the key to making this animation as good as it was aside from the animation it all came together well.

Wow Crazy Dave reallly is a crazy mofo.

He reminds me of me almost :3 this was a fun little collab all voiced by one guy

very nice

crazy daves the man


Dank ju comigan