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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


Good concept with good execution. And yes, I think the Dr. Zoidburg one was the best (I love futurama :D!!). Well done!


Very creative and funny I enjoyed the jokes and the theme song was pretty good too. My favorite was probably Zoidberg :P.

omg! STAN!

I always like collabs, to see how ppl make stuff differently. But who ever the drawer is, he will always be Crazy Dave.


This was a very nice collab. Bums will also be the source of great humor on the Internet and everywhere else. It's great to see you goofy guys working together on something like this! I think my favorite was probably the one where he became "Chocolate Dave".

ya this is for GhostSG

you just said it was awesome and you gave it a 7 well way to contradict yourself...