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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


"But I like it when he rolls in the beef" priceless, it was awsome


I love crazy Hobo's AND meatwad so this was right up my alley. Nice job bro two thumbs up. Oh And fuckMeAngel...Noone care if you have *epilepsy(Learn how t spell you special fuck.) So shut the fuck up buttercup. Wazoo...


ITS WAS TOTALY AWSOME!! well all but the end. I kinda do have epalepsy and had to look away or it would make my head hurt really bad lol. but other then that it was cool!!

Loved It !

Just Fucking Loved It !

one word....

GREAT IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED! this is the abosolutly funniest flash movie pointless yes no story but thats probaly not needed as the title is crazy dave so you know its gonna be retarded funny great