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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


The animators you hired did a great job with the voice acting. They successfully created an accurate portrayal of Crazy Dave and truly brought him alive.

I found all of the animation to be relatively high quality, simple in some places and more developed in others. The randomness wasn't overwhelming and the whole flash was easy to watch.

I'm sure quite a few people would be interested in hiring you for voice work.

-Review Request Club-

crazy is right

i know someone like this.....but it was really good overall


whos the genius who made the music for the first skit!?
i wanna hear more!

Awesome work

Crazy Dave lives, thanks to some kind minded fellows who took it upon themselves to lend an animating hand when it comes to the joys of this wonderful piece of voice acting.

I think that the way this piece started, you've given the animators far too much to be creative with and it's led to some sort of uncontrolled randomness in places (for example the seizure screens), which could have been replaced with something that has a little more decorum.

The animators are a mixed bag, as some are completely insane with their visions, while others spent a long time making their pieces look just right. This is the flip side of the coin for making collaberations, as you will end up with some pieces that not everyone is satisfied with and brings the score down a little.

I certainly can see you getting some good contacts for voiceover work in the near future. Good job!

[Review Request Club]


I listened to the Voice Acting a while ago and now there's a flash!