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Reviews for "OCD+"

Holy hell O_O

I wanted to kill myself @_@

You demented son of a bitch XDD I love you.

Dude, this game kicks ass. And to all you people saying it sucks or it's evil...WELCOME TO MY WORLD BEEOTCH!! This is the world of those with OCD. Which I have. So imagine crap like this, all day, every day. For the rest of your life. Try to keep from being depressed at the thought of it. (:< BUAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Best Logic/Skil game EVER

I have to say, awesome game.

The 2nd(maybe even 1st) best game ive ever played. Most of them were rather easy, its just an endurance game.

Bravo 5/5 +fav

Walkthrough thing:

Big O: Just click

The Pianist: Get 100% of the stuff thats being typed (I think). Its the only one i havent beaten

SHUT:Wait 15 hours

208: Type in the code every 204 minutes for 3 days(you have to put it in about 21 times)

K: Hold the letter key 'K' then let it go after an hour



So many Languages!

The game is great, but what is with the pianist?
Does anyone have this medal?