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Reviews for "OCD+"

thers a trick

thers a trick for the one with the pressing the O if u want to know it then just send me a message or summin coz this saves u atleast sum load of time xD
Btw the game is awesome but if u dont have the time to play it then its crap i will find more tricks xD just to make it easier lol if u want to know the tricks i alredy found then just message me ^^

this game is evil

its annoying... its evil ... its insane... its intense real determination (or going mad) is what it would take to do this but tre are a bunch of easy way through all the games

An evil, EVIL game.

I got an hour through War Hero before the gun noises got to me, this was with loud music and war games playing over the top of it, I just couldn't drown it out. I didn't get 208 at all. I couldn't find something suitable to sit on the 'K' to keep it down, so I didn't bother with that. I had about 2 go's on Big O before realising that without some mad h4x I'm never going to out click one of them. The pianist made me realise how out of practice I am at typing, and when it started typing in foreign languages rage quit; if any of the letters further down on that one have accents then it would truly be harsh.

The menu music also reminded me of Fallout 3 somewhat.

So, all in all; its a horrible evil game that I'm going to try my best to forget about and never play, much like 'The Game', if you see me in a few months time with medals from this game you know it finally completely broke me, and it takes a lot for a game to do.

I've gotten 4/6 Medals =D

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The Pianist
John Locke

(The Other Two Take WAYY Too Much Time)


smart but evil,you bastard keep it up