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Reviews for "OCD+"


Is this a joke or a way to torture people? Novelty aside how can this be fun?

Pretty cool...

The game is based on pure dedication, so if you aren't up for holding buttons down, typing codes or pressing buttons repeatedly, and just plain out "waiting" for hours on end, this game is NOT for you. For those who have trouble with the 'K', rather than releasing the 'K' button after waiting the hour, simply wait for the message that tells you to release(which should be prompt). Failure to wait for the message will result in death.
I give this game a 9/10. Why? Though the game is time-consuming and addictive on purpose, some people just cannot complete '208' because they have no time to enter a code every 204 minutes for three days as many of them have jobs, children, power shortages, concerns about their light bill or global warming, and well...lives.


the game when you play as a P.O.W waiting for 15 hours is glitched giving you no medal at the end.
you should do something about this


The only thing I got is the 10,000 clicks medal.
I tried to get the pianist medal, but I failed.
I was so sure that I typed everything right.
*sigh* .. I.. I feel tired now...
Bye x_x

(Love this game! :D)

the medals should give you more points!!!

i loved the game even though i can't 'nail' a single medal. i think it would be wise to increase the value of the points you get from the medals, like 500 instead of 100.