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Reviews for "OCD+"

I don't think you made this game with the intentions of it being beatable. At least not without a lot of patience and pain. Or cheating. Yeah. Lots of cheating.

like all the other reviewers have said...
its a tedious and insane game, that will trap people into playing it forever so that they can get their awards.
in my opinion, you should feel bad about making this game.
you've made people to waste lots of their time for this.

but, what can i say dude...
i guess 1 star for the evil factor.

the 10k clicking tournament was fun, and overall a well designed game.

I'm a "pianist!"

i had no patience for k so i just opened ocd+ in another tab and moed my mouce away from the screen. when i did i pressed k then the mouse and it kept going so i can get the 10k as im getting k.

I got the pianist medal.
And my fingers are literally bleeding.