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Reviews for "OCD+"

It'd be a nice game..

Except the damn medals don't even work. What's the point then? I had two medals for like 6 days and then they disappeared... waste of 3 hours much?


on the button press i beat the green button by 1267 clicks and bear the blue one by like 1290 or something like that but clicked too many times and had to repeat 1000.......twice lol


The K game: just take something small and heavy, put it on the K and go do other stuff

The button game: You can take turns pressing it.

Pianist game: Well, you must type fast

Other 2 games, just do other things while you wait.

What the @#@$$!!!

That's what came in my mind the first time i saw the game,seriously,i can't think of someone stupid enough to waste his time on this,just for som crappy 100 points medal,you should have made the medals give you 10000 points,that would make more sence.I'm givving you 3,just cause of the sence of humor.

Hmm... What to say.

The concept of this game is quite orignal, although its VERY hard to get the medals (I got 3 without cheating :D).

The people who say that this game is "torture", shouldn't be playing it. It's only for people that have extreme patience. In fact, once I completed one of the 'games' and get the medal, I felt quite proud of myself, which is the whole point.

Even if you do think that these 'games' are 'torture', you could always play a movie in the background (Thats what I did with 'k' and 'the big B'), it makes the task A LOT easier.

People who say this game is 'not fun'. In what way, shape or form did you think this flash was supposed to be fun in the first place? It was created to be a challenge, not fun, and as I said, you'll feel happy with yourself once you've completed

I do agree that the medal scores are a bit low, well, very low for what you were actually doing. (Sitting there for 1 hour - holding a button - and only getting 50 points)

Aside from the gameplay, art and programming was at a good standard.

vote - 3 / 5
Review - 6 / 10