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Reviews for "OCD+"

It does not worth it. Epic troll game.

For everyone who needs this medals anyway http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/games/medal-games/ocd

who the hell presses a stupid button 10k times people find this helpfull !

Is this tedious? Absolutely. Are there ways around some of them? Yes. Will I tell any of them? No. Otherwise, an excellent troll, my friend.

By far the hardest medals on Newgrounds.
BTW, you can copy and paste the text in http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1035978/159 into the Pianist

5 stars for successful trolling. It's also because 5 is my "OCD number". As someone who has actually dealt with OCD (now obsessive-compulsive tendencies), I can say this is aptly named. I'm going to be bugged by this for a long time. Especially since I couldn't beat the typing one; every time I hit the backspace key I have to hit it 5 times or it drives me crazy. I'm just going to close this game and try to not have a panic attack while I go to my happy place.