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Reviews for "OCD+"

The pianist

http://inchofre.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/684113

Just copy and paste.


10k clicks later and the medal didn't register... -.-

It took a while...

...but I finally got the "K." medal...I have no life...

Fun in theory, horror in reality.

No one is going to hold the 'K' button for one hour, lets be honest. Most of those who do earn the medal legitimately will use a heavy object and place it on 'K'.

The only minigames that seem remotely fair is the Big O and The Pianist, since those require somewhat of a strategy.

The rest only require time. I don't see how waiting is any fun, so I had to give it a rating of 3. Nothing remotely interesting and a game that one could ignore without feeling any sense of regret.

Terrible in every aspect

It isn't fun on any level, and the sole purpose of the game is getting all the medals, none of which seem to work. Lots of work (read work, not fun) for 0 reward. I may have given some points, but it couldn't have even taken much time to make