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It was just a ball and a looping bird/cloud hopping from left to right, not too impressive.


I could barely understand the voice actor. The background tune was good.


Well, I could barely understand the voice actor so I didn't know what it was about, I guess about diseases.

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I've seen things mocking Zolaft before so i kind of odnt find this too funny, the projectile blood and vomit was nice but thats about it.

Pure lol-gasm

The only think better than medical commercials are listening to the many side effects they offer for your "Russian roulette" of pharmasuticals.


Whaaa :D
Had to watch it twice !
The 'and depression' at the end xD
'Heart attack, bird attack'.
Good laugh! Good voice. Simple and firm animation :)

hahahahaha(i refuse to say lol)

the most useless drug ever