Reviews for "Zolaft!"

It also causes depression, haha

That was a great flash. This is obviously what happens when a new drug is conjured up in the labs for commercial advertisement. They put down some symptoms that the drug is supposed to treat. That's the ultimate irony.

Great job on the animation, I love how all the symptoms happen right away. This is a 5/5. I gave it a 9 only because I feel bad for that little guy who has to suffer through all of those symptoms =(. Otherwise, great job.

i think ill take my chances

there some thing very wrong when a drug will cause that many problems jest to cure one,and this proves how disturbing it is(and yet it still seams funny).

Funny but true....

Ha, I loved this spoof, SOOOOOOO true. lol, love the Iron Man tune when the ball starts puking, thanks for the movie!
Stupid Squirrel Out.

Not really that funny

The voice acting was barely audible , the animation wasn't too impressive (though i did like the side effects endlessly popping up) The plot wasn't all that funny either, so you can have a 6.


it's great humar