Reviews for "Zolaft!"

My God that was freakin' hilarious!

I'll never view that commercial the same ever again; it sent a frisson of excitement down my spine! This has truly made my day. Thank you good sir!


Beatlemania... hahaha


I knew someone someday would do the zoloft comercial. i said to myself if i ever learn how to make flash i would do the zoloft comercial, you my friend have done a job i never would have imagined.

The graphics look just the way i remember the comercial to look like, the voice acting was flawless in all parts. and i loved the use of the sound effects especialy when the hallucination and bird attack part comes in. Excellent work man! excellent work!


XD i know why do they say that on TV like feeling fat? don't worry heres something that would make u thin. but then they say but u gonna have heart disease and stuff. XD :D


I loved it!
It's so true, I feel the same way when they start listing the side effects of medicine. It's like, great! I don't feel depressed anymore, but I'm shitting blood and I'm so dizzy I can't tell my head from my ass anymore! :D