Reviews for "Zolaft!"


HAHAHAHAHA Well done, I always laugh at the symptoms of these types of commercials.

absolute perfection

that was seriously the best video i have ever seen, ever....it was magical and stupendous, i love you

Well done dude.

I remember seeing the commercial that this parodied a while back, I'm suprised that you parodied it so well. I like how Zolaft was supposed to cure depression, but you said it can casue depression at the end. I thought the hallucination part was funny when the clown popped up, good job bro.

The animation was decently done and the narrator did a good job. The only thing I didn't like was how the circular character's sounds would interfere over what the narrator was saying, the sounds were clashing and it was unpleasant. Aside fromt aht, I throughly enjoyed this. Keep up the great work!

Oh my god

That was the coolest thing ever! I was laughing so hard by the end...good job my friend, good job.


nice one, dont make it loop though