Reviews for "Avoidster"


One hell of a cheez-it in my book.

f ya

f'n awesome so many times i thought i might die

Really well made.

This is definitely an awesome game. In my opinion, it's even more well-made than even some video games on the market today, which had large teams working at them. It's really easy to get used to the amount of traction, and you give players an really easy first level to get used to it safely. And the difficulty increases at about the same pace as I got better at it as well. If someone gets a game over, the less challenging stages at the beginning are usually pretty short. You give the player a good amount of lives, and give extra lives at good moments. And also, some of the stages were really creative, and I never was really forced to die, or even steered towards a block coming from offscreen. I didn't even get past level 10, but that's mainly because I felt I had to stop and congratulate you on this. You made a really awesome game.

IcyLime responds:

Thanks a lot! :)