Reviews for "Avoidster"

Excellently crafted!

It's a simple game, but it builds on this basic principal. A single white square dodging random geometric shapes, all of which will cost you one life if you hit them. And every 5 levels, a life is earned back. It's simple, but it's ingenius!

I lost at level 14...

I laughed out loud...

... when I was the victim of PONG!


hot damn!

for some reason I got REALLY EXCITED playing this game of yours. I was button mashing and making funny faces as I struggled to dodge the whims of your imagination. Great job with this!

It'll probably get added to my favorites after I play a few more times.

IcyLime responds:

Thanks! :D

Awesome Game

I love how simple it was. The game ran smooth and I like the movement of the objects to be avoided as well as your own personal square. Great Job


That was amazing. so basic, yet so fun. I'm stunned. Very good game.