Reviews for "Avoidster"


This is visually stimulating and challengin, with a gret and smooth difiiculty curve.

But the drag and slightly slow control response of the square makes this just a micron short of perfection.

Great job, this is an inspiration to me as a aspiring designer!

good game

lost at lvl 10.


that was really fun, but the difficulty curve was to steep, and I lost a lot of lives cos I had no Idea what each level was going to do, it just happened at full speed.
Maybe next time the obstacles on each level start a bit slower so you know what's going on?

hey nice game

hey loved the game its fun njoyed it


simple graphics, nothing too fancy. The music was pretty good too. I liked how the game changed at every level. The difficulty increase was too steep to my taste: The first two levels were barely interesting, but the 3rd level was much more challenging.