Reviews for "Avoidster"

Very fun, challenging, great music...but

while the game was challenging, I thought the controls were really slow. The little cube took an oddly long time to react to me pushing the appropriate keys.

IcyLime responds:

Yeah, the drifting movement I was going for is hard to perfect. Maybe I should try to improve the movement speed and upload a new version?

Very creative!

Wow, I really liked this. I thought you got very creative with the levels and the music fitted right in. Keep up the good work.


i don't know who the hell you are but keep making games
this was pretty damn cool


Ran into some tricky levels. Which was completely cool.
Usually these games are ridiculously easy..or incredibly hard..both which are un-fun. This was a great balance. Thank you for making a fun game.

wow nice a lot harder than i thought!

dude that was a lot harder than i thought i only made it to level 5 lol outstanding game how long did it take you to make it?