Reviews for "Avoidster"

This is awsome!

This game is so addictive,made it to level 19 after a few tries. I would strongly recommend it to my friends to play it!

XD It's great!

OMG!! I only come up to lvl 4... I'm really bad in this game but i like it!! Yeah that was my review but it's too short. I know i talk about other things. I like Pancakes! No! Does anybody know about :the game:? It's totally stupid but when you say to yourselve it's the person who you hate most it's funny!:))


Many different objects! Made it to level 12 at my first try! :)
Good game!


best game ever!!!
lost at level 10


I lost at lvl 10... lvl 6... SO MANY SQUARES! *sobs*