Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


Even though this is still just a hater video, the animation in this one was much better than the first part. The jokes were also better, like the famous shit joke and Tom crying as he was forced to put Brawl Taunts on the front page. the continuing blender joke from the first part was good. So a few extra points for this one.
Still the personal attacks on Rina and Kirbopher aren't necessary. Just cause you don't like their flashes doesn't mean you gotta hate on the person.

CoolDrMoney responds:

an if only you knew wat we ben thru

It's a mickey take

For gawd sakes its just a joke can't you all take it.

Also the first one is better, better animatiors flash ect. But still erm funny in parts, voice acting is not as good as the last, but it was still alright.=]

Not bad, not great. =I

This collab had a lot of potential behind it, some fine tweaking and it could have been great. But beside the occasionally poor animation or voice dubs, some of these bits just drug on and on, with no pay off in sight, so, I guess the skip button on the bottom had a reason. In this state, juat above average.


the first one is better and its supposed to be funny not sad that fat guy who commited suicide was to serouis


I liked the part where you made fun of Brawl Taunts!