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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Badass game man, there's five things I'd like to praise:
First, the music, I have never played a game in my life that fit the taste I have for music until now, 5/5. Brilliant. Second, gamepaly was awesome, although it left more the idea of ninja instead of samurai, but in the end it just made it more badass, because of its platformer part. The only thing you could change about combat is make it more fluid, for example turn to the other side, i.e. fight on both sides at the same time, still 5/5 from me.
Third, I liked the simplicity of it, only used 5 buttons on the keyboard, love that, and no arsenal of weapons, just one badass sword, and the combo and range of it gave it a perfect feel of melee combat, 5/5. Difficulty was also perfectly adjusted.
Fourth, the whole atmosphere that the usual gamer will find it depressing, I f***ing love it man, red is my color, combined with black, perfect mix, 5/5. It kinda reminded me of the old-school Shinobi games.
And finally, the cutcenes. Personally, I found that there was too much talking, I like it when the main character says only a few sentences in a game, badass level 999+
Thank you for making this great game for us, greatly appreciated, and shows that much time and care has been spent on it.
Hope you can make a sequel.

IndigoCraft Flash game review:
Glitch free? Ah-ha-ha, that's nice marketing.
I'm in some level after the midboss, in the Devil's Hill stage, and there's a pit, then a platform that falls down a few centimeters down and then I have to wall-jump, but the wall-jump doesn't freaking work and I've tried everything! EVERYTHING! Just everything! I slide off the wall, can't jump away and it glitches to my death. Not to mention that the character totally doesn't do what I want. Before the midboss and during the midboss fight itself, it was really cool, but in this stage, whatever I do, it glitches to my death. And NO, it's NOT my computer, it works perfect with almost EVERY other good Flash game. Ah-ha-ha. You'll probably rate me useless, do what you want, I'm just stating my opinion and you'll just have to respect it, eat it, it's my opinion and you won't change it by rating me useless. I love Daniel Sun's Power Star series and his old Mario movies, but after he stopped making sprite movies, I'm sad to see him fall down to this. The story was nice though, but really cliche, and the music wasn't half bad! Sorry, but I don't see in this what most people see in it.
1/5. Sorry.


I love this game! Good design and gameplay makes the game very enjoyable! Great job! ^.^

wow goooood job
i lovr it