Reviews for "Ryu vs. Ken SFIV Style"


I don't get it... "there was some originality" but the point of the Flash was missed completely due to the originality [in a way]. It was suppose to be a Flash that resembles Street Fighter IV, but all it had was Street Fighter III sprites with rather poor modifications and an altered move-set. I think a more appropriate title would of been "My Ryu vs Ken." If it were titled just about anything BUT what you chose I would give it a lighter judging but since the title gives the expectation that it is something it really isn't I must give you a lower rating for it.

But, it was a decent animation, with a somewhat original fight dispite a lack of reason. I just think you should stray away from mixing your hand drawn art with the sprites and it will look a bit better, anything else would just be skill.

For the record, see "Proxicide" before you use the term "graphic intensive." ;)

After all that, good luck on future animations and I expect great things from you.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

I said graphic intensive, for bad computers, cause it lags really bad my lappy. But if you have played SFIV, you would have noticed the ultra combo, and the custom sprites for the focus attacks. And I get no contructive feedback, all your doing is arguing with my responses, but thanks anyway.
Don't worry you'll see more from me man!

A pretty good sprite movie

But you get an 8 for having no originality.
Even the animation.
There was nothing creative.
But I still found it to be a cool street fighter fight.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

There was originality......
You know that air hadoken, you don't see that in SF3....
You know that huge ass hadoken that Ryu did, you don't see that in SF3
I think it was SOME creativity. But anyways, thanks for the review I appreciate it.


WAY higher quality than many of the other sprite battle movies that pop up daily on here, which are overrated garbage to be frank. This was quite refreshing!

I would have liked to see more of a story developing, possibly even to make the Akuma thing funnier, it seemed kind of awkward to me and I felt like I missed some inside joke.

Two more nitpicks are the short length (although you could call it short but sweet quite easily) and the REALLY POORLY DRAWN black squiggly thing that appeared a few times. That definitely coulda been more caringly implimented.

And finally, like others have said, this has really been done to death, which detracted from my being impressed a little bit. So, again, a story would have helped you here too and at least made it interesting or compelling or different in some potential way if you gave it some real thought.


- The camera and fluid, energetic, cohesive use of the sprites are AWESOME, and far above most generic sprite movies.

- The effects for the Hadoken and Shoryuken are insanely sweet, I'm sooo happy you didn't just go with the pixellated sprite of them, because these effects add SO much personality and energy to the flash. It's much more intense like this, which obviously is a huge plus.

- Choosing the winner was a cool option, and if you had provided a story, a 'Choose Your Own Path' kind of movie would have been REALLY cool. Think about that next time!

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

I love detailed reviews.
Yeah that black thing I mentioned before is a focus attack from Street Fighter 4, although it looks alot better it's self. I tried to make it look the best I could (That's why I'm a sprite animator lol)
For the Akuma part, maybe there was an inside joke, but if you the Katamari, then it should make sense.
As for story, I'm sorry but it's hard for me in implement a GOOD story without getting bored.
Thanks for the compliments and constructive feedback!


Pretty short but good, the animation is well done and the possibility to choose the end is an added value.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Thanks for the review dude.


All your movies handle about Ryu and Ken and Akuma...
Grabbing some new ideas by watching wikipedia would be nice or something...

Try to do something new next time.
And I would also credit the authors that made sprites and etc...

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

You know man I try to do something new, and I can't stick to it, and if you read the credits I got a HUGE amount of inspiration after playing SFIV. Um I had no constructive comments from you, just saying be more original. Hmm......
Yeah could you please give me some "Constructive" feedback?
I would like that more.
I don't know why you hate my animations, or me, but I'm nice to you?
What's up with that?