Reviews for "Ryu vs. Ken SFIV Style"


Hey man, that fight was very nice, but I see that your skills must improve more. By the way, the Akuma ending was kinda funny, but Ryu's was illogical (but way too cool).

Ah, very good

I see your skills are improving. There were a few black spots on some of the sprites at certain points of the fight. Nice that you can pick a winner. Also, for future reference, if you want your flashes to look as good as Proxicide's, you gotta use glow effects AND vectorize the sprites (Converting the raster sprite to a vector image).

oh yay rare akuma

he kicks ass

Pretty nice

This was pretty good. When it comes to things like this I think I unfairly compare most of what I see to the flash MK vs. SF 2. That series itself was pretty awesome but that fight was probably the best flash fight I have ever seen. I'm sorry that I tend to compare to that... I try not too.

This was a pretty nice fight though, much better then a lot that's out there in my opinion. I liked it.


very good but i could see parts where you put the bars. very good still though. keep up the great work.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Yeah i couldn't fix that thanks for the review!