Reviews for "Ryu vs. Ken SFIV Style"

Really Great Man!!!

U lagged a lil bit but still awesome bro.

Hehe great!

You have improved on your skills a lot. Effects were great, good music, and a great akuma ending. Although what i liked the most is your skills tring to smake the ultra's very similar.Ken's ultra must've took some time. I love this movie. You should all of your movies like this.

Nice stuff

not sure what to say almost perfect. sumthin just felt off.

first video I see of you

looks much more like sf3 which is cool

a few elements make me think this is good, I liked the zoom in's the red danger thing the music was decent.

also thought it could have been cleaner when it comes to the animation. most moves seemed too unlinkable for them to look good as a combo.

Overall it was an entertaining video thank you

very good

nice to see you back man
yh it was good
not youre best vdeo but very good
you should make a long story based vdeo now
id love to see that from you :)