Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

Fail with a P. You however, win.

Hilarious representation of the books numerous flaws. I swear, every freaking girl I know rants on about it being amazing.

But we all know it's just another spawn of the "Let's make Harry Potter but with ________" genre.


It was funny and all but one point the whole vampires not having above human strength. That one is a typical canon of vampires and was one of Dracula's (first fictional vampire, though he was inspired by legend) many powers. I remember in the original book it was something like having the power of every man he killed though it's been awhile. But yeah the other parts were spot on ^^. Stupid glittery vampires lol


Pretty awesome. Only problem I saw was at the end with the battle was you were jumping back and forth between the subjects, so it kinda disrupted the flow. Otherwise awesome. Especially the Volvo explanation. I didn't even think of that till I watched this XD.


really funny, liked it a lot, hope you make a parody of new moon to.

Ha, that's right!

All those plot holes are totally valaid, this was really well done. I love twilight and I still agree with this movie. But, on the bad side, try adding a pause and play button or maybe a scene selection screen. Make it more veiwer friendily. 5/5 &10/10