Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"


i honestly HATE twilight but this was HILARIOUS !

Dead on.

Perfection. Points it all out...I love it.

Epic Kudos.

--Master O

All the reasons why I couldnt watch Twilight.

This video got really really monotonous but somehow in a good way. I managed to watch up to the bus part without beating my skull in. Just like I was only able to make it halfway through the movie without walking out. :) It portrayed it perfectly.


"When a vampire sucks your blood you turn into a vampire, but when another one comes and does again to do the exact same thing it reverts the process. It makes sense, I swear."
Ahahahaha. Awesome. That is the type of humor I like.


What I think happened is that the person who made all that stuff bout vampires not dying in the sun prob created his or her own. (whoever wrote the book.) creature and just called it a vampier and through in one trait. (sucking of blood.) because everyone is familure with vampires. If the writer/movie maker made the creature a non vampire and into somthing else thats mythical the show/book would be better.

Otherwise whoever funded this movie is a Retard, whoever wrote the book and put the traits in first is a retard. And romances like this should be put down.

But the movie was alright little to long for my taste. and as for vamps not being real gotta tell that to the people that devote their entire lives around vampires. they think their real. >.o