Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"


good vid.
ok so heres my explanations for why vampires do crap. vampires bite people in the necks because there is a major artery there that only has skin to protect it. they burn in the sun because they, being undead cannot stand light. they they drink blood because they cannot digest food anymore and have no blood of their own. so take that, tWHYlight


"It just seems like you're a total noob." :D
dude this was hilarious.
I hated Twilight, but everyone's obsessed >:l
rambling on and on, basically the movie, the video was a bit long, but hahaha. hilarious. ;D


While I do like the books, I've yet and won't see the the movie. Movie's that are based on books about 90% of the time suck. This was a great Parody thanks for the many laughs.


Oh thank god this was done. Myself, being a Port Angeles resident DESPISE this book series and movie based on the teen/kid appeal. I wish this book was taken place somewhere else, like i don't know OREGON where they filmed the god damn movie.

Anyways Awesome job, i expect good things from you still.

Awsome: and his a rant about Twilight :D

LoL this was amazing, i know every one has there own opinion but i dont understand how people can like twilight, they complain about people critisising the author for not following vampire conventions but as far as i am concerned the creatures in twilight ARE NOT VAMPIRES!!! I personally take all my vampire mythology from Buffy and Angel , Joss Whedons word is law people :D, plus he already did the vampire romance story to a much higher standard. Anyway good job dude

and boo, sucks to twilight!!!