Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"


that movie i just saw an hour ago about this seemed to have no mistakes but you pointed out that the juniors don't go to the prom and seniors do...LOL...this makes that movie look so stupid :P this was funny

no one likes a smart ass.

Did you even read the books? you must've to know about the werewolves, but maybe not.
Anyway, Vampires are magic. People don't return from the dead and have wierd powers and suck blood. they are entirely based on fantasy. people creatye their own version of vampires all the time. So why the fuck can't Steph Myer pretend that the venom of a vampire causes the skin CELLS crystalize and reflect light?
And Twilight is so not the first vampire story to give vampires super stregnth and super speed. that IS a common trait of vampires. and i always thought that wooden stake thing was stupid any way. Vampire venom gives them bullet-proof, indestructable skin. bullets have never been harmfull to vamps, so why the hell would sharp wood be? THAT doesn't make any sense.
Oh, and what so bad about drinking animal blood instead of human? its still blood. blood is blood.
However, I haven't seen the movie. I agree with ForkStorm, the movie sucked. no wait, that was an understatement. The books were epic, interestng and awsome. then hollywood raped the books and puked out this disgusting monstosity some people for some reason like to call a movie. yes, the choice of actors was bullshit, yes Robert Pattinson is just a ditzy, male-model, zac efron-esque douchbag. I wish he would die. the movie sucked just as much as the eragon movie did (wich was also a product of hollywood rapeing an awsome book.)
I am dreading the next movies just as much as any guy, but the actual plot from the BOOK makes perfect sense. it's just Steph Myer expressing her creativity.

too briliant!!!

this was so funny!!!
i couldent even wach all of it!
rofl!!!! n_n

good sense of humor!

..."Because I came in my Volvo."
"You dick."



It's a brilliant parody of the film Twilight. Although have not seen the movie i like it due to putting the vampire myths such as sunlight and drinking blood pretty much went straight out of the window. LONG LIVE THE SHINEY VEGETARIAN VOLVO DRIVING VAMPIRES!!!!!