Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

Thank you!

I bow before your parody prowess!


Twilight sucks

I'm glad I avoided these movies like the plague. If I went to see them, I would more than likely puke in some Twitard's hair.


Wow I really have to hand it to you, ever since the Twilight movies were released I've just wanted to backhand all the teenieboppers who started idolizing vampires and point out all the holes and shortcomings in Twilight plot. And although the flash was oober long it was completely worth it, it kept me laughing the entire time.

Dude. Holy F*cking Sh*t

DUUUUUUDE! YOU ARE AMAZING! That is so awesome! That makes so much sense! Is there a second one?

BTW: Does anyone notice that when Bella is in the hospital, the TV is playing the scene where they kill...that..that other weird blond vampire...what's his name, James? Can't remember. WHATEVER! HE DIES! There.

Dude... It's awesome!

LOL awesome! I laughed so hard.
Sparkly with Superpowers! XD
Great job and screw the fags and fangirls that say anything wrong about this!