Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

Great parody.

Just like way I thought it should be but only one thing confused me in the series. Bella is a virgin and when they have sex, she would bleed thus meaning Edward would get a sick thrill and drain her blood but instead she was bruised.

Dude, you drive a volvo?

This is so cool. I'm actually a fan of the Twilight-series, but I can really appreciate a parody like this one. And be serious, if you're a vampire that's filthy rich, why the heck would you drive a volvo. Buy a beamer or a merc like the others, dude!


You have to make another one. Please. This was amazing.

This is brilliant.

Please tell me you'll continue this to the second movie.

Sparkly.. shiny.. .even more handsome

Gorgeous. I love this thing.. cant stop watching it. Friggen hilarious... "skin is different.. crystalization!!"