Reviews for "Twilight: The Broodening"

i love you...

subtle humor. twilight sucks. epic win.

Oh my goodness

your are frekin hilarious :D i like twilight but wat annoys me the most is people with no sense of humor. Im thinking " why the hell do i like this series!?? the fans are crazy and have nooooo sense of humor and the plot has more holes than that dumb ass show................WAIT! there is acctually no show with even close to as much plot holes. :P weelllll wat a quinky dink! yeah i said it :P :P :P


yet funny. The animation obviously wasn't great, but it obviously wasn't the focus of the video either. The switching from the piggy back adventure into the woods to a volvo was pretty funny. There were other moments i couldn't help but laugh at as well, but that one in particular, being the least sensible, stood out.

Aside from that, i find it funnier that people are mad that you expect a classic vampire in the book. It may be fiction, and may be "original", but her version of vampires, to me, is really dull. There is not much to them aside from the fact that they're somehow capable of super heroic actions, fall in love with humans and they can reverse the effects of each other(?). All in all, I'll take a a coffin abiding, daytime fearing, neck biting, reflectionless Dracula style vampire over that overly hairgelled douche anyday.


Haha! I think this is awesome!
Can I use some of the ideas for an arguement I'm compiling?

Holy . . . Damn

There were more plotholes in that movie than I can find a proper descriptor for. how did you survive watching the real thing?