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Reviews for "Professor Layton pt. 4"

It's 2020 and it won't load for firefox so i had to use edge lol

I used to watch this a lot, but as I rewatch its even more funny than I remember it!

he just wanted his Pudding XD

I used to watch this a lot back then but as I rewatch its not as funny as I remember it

Nice work

OK so lets get this review started but first thanks for the effort and time put in, and congrats on your success here and in the near future, you have pushed this to the limits, and for that I thank you You have some good little toons here funny characters very funny and I can see this becomming some sort of series, very nice effort here. And so this is obvious that you know how to use the flash program and push some unique ways of presentation on this, it was a good work of flash here, now ofcourse there was some stuff that could be worked on as stated through out this review, but overall it was pretty amusing and I had fun checking this out, so nice work indeed on this submission.

Now I must say that this was a pretty decent Entry I found it to be interesting in many ways, I would suggest making more episodes with this idea nice work here.