Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

Utterly amazing...

Bomee, don't ever quit making games... Newgrounds would lose too large a portion of it's allready lacking innocence... And I really depend on these games, due to personal and family oriented issues.


Bomee i love your work fantastic as always but you need to make a new game I've played all yours!

:) +10

I love this game too as well as all your other, i fell in love with red i was going with Helio but then i wanted to make him a pic and thats when i saw red, dark,a vampire, blood. all my fav things.

I was looking for a good, non-hentai dating sim...

Being a guy, I didn't think this was it, what with the majority of datable people being men, but Allity was cute and nice, (If a bit dodgy) and I enjoyed the shell picking minigame, overall, this was a wonderful game and a pleasure to play, I'm glad that I found it.


Best game yet! I <3 ur dating sims! Cheat is nummyz
it gives you more shells n energy