Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

A nice little "Dating Sims"

Great job, and I look forward to trying out your next game!

I have only one problem though... Why do I not get a "Cheat Code" when I "win"?


Bomee responds:

cheat code is nummyz

Yet another fun dating sim

Air was one of the guys in Popstar Dating Sim.

Moonlight is still my favorite of the nummyz series.

Fun artwork, interesting characters, not quite as much of an overall storyline as say, Moonlight Dating Sim.

Is there any point to cooking and art other than to make the presents?

Bomee responds:

nope lol
stay tuned for moonlight II in July :)

Yay! Bomee made a new game!

I love how the characters have actual storylines when you talk to them, unlike traditional dating sims where the npc repeats the same four or five phrases over and over.

I've played enough Bomee games now to realize that seemingly "broken" links usually just mean you're missing an item- but it would still be nice to get some kind of confirmation. I didn't realize at first that clicking "gift" from the npc talk page would tell me what items I needed for the date. (Since usually that link just lets you give items to the npc.)

I love all Bomee's sims- they're consistently funny, cute, and sweet. The mouse-drawn art really grows on you after a while, too.

Can't wait for another one!

(Wasn't Air the name of a character from another game?)

Bomee responds:

the other girl was ari lol :)


I thought this was really great! I played it through to see the endings of all the characters. I thought it was a really great game and more for a female audience which I loved. More FEELINGS and not sex. I loved how you drew all your own work for this. It was very addicting and I thought it was SUPER CUTE! Awesome job!

Bomee responds:

thanks!! :)

Very good.

Very good sim..oh and; the cheat code is..


yep...hope that helps ya..
I barely have anything too say about this,but..;
at first,this was pretty cheesy too me,but,on the second time I played this,it was kinda funny and sweet,I liked the idea of how you had too play a simple game,too earn money.very fun.(( or the classic option,of working..))anyways,good job,and good luck with your other flash's!