Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


This game has no nudity, good structure, Excellent drawing, and they all have realistic personalities! This is what makes this game one of my fav's! Keep it up!

Oh and make more girl's please. The men like me playing this game would feel awkward. :P


I love the vamp ^_^ He's so sweet. They all have secret longings and pasts. I like the way the conversations play out.

Simple, but very nice.

eeeee! >u<

Okay, this game is SOOOO CUTE C: I played through all the stories and everything~ I LOVED how you could choose a response to what the characters said, I think that mighta been my favorite part. You should certainly do that in future games C: Good job, great art, keep up the good work C:


Thats so cute! I can't wait to play the other stories! Great work! <3


reds story is touching and beautiful, this is one of the deepest dating sims i've played the endings are sweet i've beat it with both the guy and girl also mind making the cheats a little more obvious at the end i can never find em T-T