Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


I loved this game!

I'm not a lesbian or anything but I thought the girl was better looking, & over all better than the all the guys.

First post!


luv this idea

I am really into the way you set up the speaking part.Like how they say something and you click a response its much more interactive.And the fact that each character had a unique personality was the shiz niz.I luv it : D


I like how they speak and in this one we can actually repley. Again, this is a great game. RED is kinda cool. the pimp is funny too. I like all of your characters, they each have their own personalities

ive played many times and its still awsome



I literally made an account just to rate and review this dating sim. The best dating sim I've ever played,or possible the best online game I've ever played. And I've played tons of online games.
It's really easy,and fun. I've played your other dating sims on deviantart,and this ones the best.
Grrrr,I so want to see a Alityx..Main character fanfic now :(

Anyway,this is a really easy game,and really fun.