Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


i know the cheat is nummyz but what does it do


wow.Bomee must be prince of sim dates.Do you have love,Bomee?

I am not interested in Girly-men.

This game is pretty good when it comes to graphics, setup, and the range of people to chose from. You can tell that the creator has allot of skill with particular type of game, and that they have been doing it for a while.
I'm sure I would have enjoyed this game, but only if the guys in it weren't so. . . Feminine.
All the purple prose those guys kept saying, 'You're my true love.' 'I never thought I'd love again.' 'I need you.' 'You make me feel alive!' made them seem so girly.
I have never known a guy who actually thinks OR talks this way. They are not like this, the only time you ever see guys doing this type of thing is when they're a figment of a girls imagination.
Simply put, my biggest issue was how pathetic these guys where. I kept getting the fleeing that I could take em' all out with a single punch.

But you get an A for effort, aside from the guy's personalities, this game was good.

Love it.

Very cute. I liked Yuu and Ality, and the fact you can actually choose a response. That's the best kind yet. :D I think this is my favorite. ..Yep. ^~^ Your work is amazing and always appreciated by your fangirls, including me! :D

Very good

I really like it I can tell you put mutch thought into it.