Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

...cool but..

ok animation, not enough violence.. but keep going 8/10 !

Super sweet

I loved it, like others are saying smoother animations would make it easier to watch but it was still a badass movie.

For sparta!

cute but...

a bit violent dont you think?


Your artwork could use some improvement, but the animation itself was pretty good. If you practice a bit more in Flash, you can make the motions alot more realistic (a little faster, too).

Anyway; the green-haired kid was clearly a spartan. Able to catch up to them on a bike, and before anything could happen? Flew through a second-story door, and hurled a fat guy out a window?


very well done

this movie inspired me to make my own movie the only promplem is i dont know how? (anyone help please)