Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

There's a Lesson after all...

Yeah.. there is a lesson after all...


I lol'd at the part where the girl was like "omfg so cute!!! ^_^". Mostly because that's exactly what girls do <_<
nice job on the story, the music went along really well with it also ;D

it was ok

i like it but when they walked they bounced it was like bounce a bounce a bounce but ok animation not that good but ok and art work could use some bettering but ok


This has happened to only to one friend of mine but he got there to late. the animation was good and it was a clear story line but you need to perfect your drawing skills.

nice animation

i´ve seen may of your submissions and you are getting better at them
you should add more detail to the heads of the people,
they look too common and alike
besides that keep up the good work