Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

A few months later...

...they broke up, when she remember that she never really liked him anyway, and all they had together was the horrible tragedy which they were both part of.

Nah srsly, I applaud you for makin this. Although the art was pretty weak, it was an interesting story, with good sound and flow. No dialogue definitely fit.

not bad!

not sure if anyone noticed the allusion to the girl being 'targetted', using the the church cross against the sun or moon in the background as cross-hairs. i thought it was a very nice touch! :)

more than ten stars

perfect movie. great animation no words the only part i hated was the crickets background music but the rest of it was awesome good story and everything else.

deserves more that ten stars


this was awesome...
But work on the whole bending of the legs and stuff. ^_^
the bicycle ride looked like he was pedaling with prostheic legs... that didnt bend. lol

great animation though.

The moral of the story is.....

don't meet and fall in love with someone online like MySpace, or this might happen to anyone, not just women, but men too. I love the animation and how you made a great fight sence and a ver happy ending. I don't get why everyone loves that song that the girl had for her ringtone. I don't know what it's called, who sings it, and what language that person is signing it in. But anyways, i love the animation, and love the message you are sending to everyone out there.