Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome indeed.

That was sweet. The bike thing looked a little funny, and with a story like that, detail is nice, but still, it was a nice twist on the stereotypical Valentines flash. Very nice.

It was okay

But not great. It was the animation style of them bouncing while they walked that really got to me. The story was a little bland as well.


This is my sort of Valentines movie. Valentines day is sort of just a con so that guys spend money on shitty presents that will be forgotten later. Beacuase of this i can't stand the lovey dovey movies that come out as if thats really what the day is about. This movie had romance involved but it had a dark twist which made it entertaining and not just 2 minutes of "I love you", "i love you more!!", " KISS ME!".


I enjoyed this movie so i voted it 4 out of 5, and guess what...

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BRAVO!! I loved this. This is probably one of the best flashes EVER!!