Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"


I enjoyed this movie so i voted it 4 out of 5, and guess what...

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Great graphics

Pretty bloody great xD
I really liked this, i was like 0.0 oh crap
lol but it was interesting and full of action.
Good to watch (=



I lol'd at the part where the girl was like "omfg so cute!!! ^_^". Mostly because that's exactly what girls do <_<
nice job on the story, the music went along really well with it also ;D


Seriouslly, I think she deserved to get raped, she was gonna cheat on her boyfriend!! Thats why never date a girl addicted to Myspace or Facebook, YOU CANT TRUST THEM!!!!

...cool but..

ok animation, not enough violence.. but keep going 8/10 !