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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

I liked it.

The game plays very smoothly, and the controls are easy. Just, it i Mafia, then maybe I suggest you put instead of Birdo, at the end of stage one, well, maybe some mafia guy, or at least Birdo in a mafia costume.

This is a great idea. Don't get me wrong, I like it, great game here, just get closer to the idea. Mafia Land with gangsters, but I completly enjoyed the rest.

This is a really fun game!

Ah, this takes me back.

I can honestly say that this is the first truly enjoyable flash game I've played in quite some time! Great job on giving a fresh twist on the classics

A nice tribute

Plays pretty well, but a little glitchy. For example, object often get stuck in mid air. The dig spots in the second level were too narrow, making it very hard to drop down while avoiding the mask. My biggest complaint which has been mentioned by others is that there is nothing mafia about the game. You might as well have used the Mario characters.

Nice try

Don't get me wrong, great game, nice tribute.....all of that. If it IS mafia land, where's the rival gang? Instead of shyguys and Birdo-like creatures, use mafia gangsters (and a big guy with a cannon for Birdo). Now, for the second stage, you added the trap mask (good idea, not really a tribute to the game without him) but, you seem to have made him too godly. He comes after you as long as you have the key, which makes it impossible to traverse the rest of the level. I even had trouble getting out of the room brcause you had to super jump out of there, only to find out he'll be chasing me OUTSIDE of his room. I tried to set it up so that the key would fall with me in the sand pit, but no good, it would just float there.
It's nice that Super Mario Bros. 2 inspired you, but the only thing that has to be the same is the gameplay(controls/character attributes), try make everything else work more towards your title.


ok all it is, is a clone. also if your going to make a game or a clone of a game you have to give a story line. i mean there is no reason to play it at all theres no reason you see some italian mafia guy jumping and throwing vegtables. throw a story line and make some diffrent enemies also if you remake this. they dont fit at all mario enemies agaisnt some mafia guy. unless hhmmm set up the story line so bowser owes money or sumthing and the mafia is after or sumthing some sort of sotry line is better than nothing.