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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


If it had of had ANYTHING to do with mafia other than the characters, menu and music, I proll woulda loved it, but it didn't. And the in-cave music was dumb.

Super Mario 2 is always overlooked,

but not anymore

Super Mario 2 Clone

First off: Why is this called Super Mafia Land? You should have focussed alot more on the theme, all there was that had to do with mafia was a pizza flying in at the end of a lvl and the look of the character. The music didnt fit in this scenario at all... why "Oktoberfest"-kinda music? The animation of the jump of "luigi" (geouseppe or whatever hes called) was wayyyyyyyyy to long. The animation tho wasnt to bad, still not a very good game.

Good but

How to beat the boss there are no clues in telling how to beat him

accually very good

Not bad at all i liked the game, but it was a copy of the original mario bros 2, but i liked the style, idea and gameplay so i will give this a seven star.