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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

sweet game

that was preety fun. cept for that bruno guy did not fit in doors at all.


Totally super mario bros. 2 but thats okay that game rules
only thing that bugged me about this game is the gameplay
was a little too slow...
all in all pretty neat :)

good job

The only thing about it is that it has serious lag or something. after the 1st level, its almost impossible to move continuously. not saying its a good job, and a good tribute, because it is, but fix the bugs, and itll be as super as its supossed to be. good work tho, it must have taken you a long time.



this reminds me of super mario bros 2 but sadly i never played it on the Nes

it was fun

this is art.i had alot of fun playin it.but for some reason it reminds me of sumthin i played...............................
but for eal its a sweet game,you might get sued for it but who cares