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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


I dunno. For me the controls were really slow and weird, and all you've really done is make a mario replica with the characters looking a little different.

There were also no guidelines for beating the boss. I got bored after trying to figure it out a few times, sorry.


Awesome drawings and a really fun game.
Great game, I like it.


Dude, technically you did an awesome job, that's a great SMB2 clone... But what's the meaning of that "mafia"? You know, I'm Italian and I think it's kinda senseless and even offensive... Anyway, very good graphics and design, only music is a bit annoying after a while.

I love it!

It's great, just too bad the Mario brothers are missing out on this party :( Next time I demand you make them secret characters, k? Cool.


You think it's gonna be some super awesome shooting game with mario and friends, but instead you get a super awesome super mario bros. 2 game with Luigi and friends. Awesome job man!